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Many a professional has given me assistance and support but you, Dr Brenda Davies, have excelled and upped the bar by giving me empowerment and introducing me to myself. Claire McG

Days with Brenda are full and sometimes demanding, but always healing and filled with love.  I learned more about myself in these two days than at any other time in my life.  Thank you. J.G., New York, U.S.A.

I couldn't believe it, but the travel to Zambia is really life changing.  Brenda's residential workshop and safari was an ongoing process of healing and relating body, soul and mind together.  I returned to my own nature and belonging and found the joy of my soul again - just to be me: Christine! Christine Kucera-Waldmann, Germany

The lecture was strong and beautiful, filled with love.  It also was very comprehensible.  I am very grateful and I would like to attend another lecture.  I want to read her books, too, as I want to learn more deeply. Y.K., Japan

To see Brenda work with people, feed back what she was seeing in their chakras and for the people to confirm what she was seeing was inspirational to me. Brenda is a powerful woman and a gifted healer.  I felt privileged to be in the same room.  And yes, you can quote me on that. Alan Farrell, Ireland

'This was the best treat I have even given myself.  Can you believe that days of sometimes-painful exploration were soothed at the end by watching elephants from a boat?  And my journey to and from the farm allowed me to see what I had forgotten – that people live often in daily concern for their next meal and yet they smile and wave.  I had floods of creativity that I had thought were lost to me and came back to New York filled with gratitude and ideas that I have now begun to work on.  'Thank you' seems a very small thing to say in the circumstances!'  L.C.W. (Writer)

Brenda’s workshops are transformative, enlightening and empowering.  Life for me has become more joyful and rich in all aspects.  It has become a first class journey." S.A., U.K.

Dr. Davies' lecture made me rediscover how deep, diverse, large, and sometimes-strict love is.  The relationship between stress and performance was very interesting.  Thank you very much for the wonderful lecture. Y.Y., Japan

Within a few minutes, issues that had bothered me for two decades were resolved by such accurate and beautiful mediumship.  I am so grateful to Brenda that I don't have the words to express it. H.N.K., Zambia

When I contacted Brenda, I was at the point of giving up on my career.  It's amazing to find myself revitalised and feeling alive again. M.C., (Sportsman)

Attending a Brenda Davies workshop started a process of self discovery, awareness and empowerment that has changed my life in the most unexpected ways.  The group dynamics were fantastic for the richness and sharing of life experiences. I t is of enormous use to my personal and professional life. Louise O’Connor, Australia

I was deeply impressed by many of Dr Davies' words, which seem to penetrate deep into my heart, helping all tension to dissipate. H.N., Japan

If one wants to experience that all people no matter race, religion, country or continent feel the same joy and grief in their hearts, and are able to open up and share their feelings and grow together, then go to Zambia and experience the really life changing workshop with Brenda.  Though you might not believe this, it is just the truth. Hannelore Seibt, Germany

Brenda has been the most effective and inspiring mentor to me over a period of nearly two decades.  From the earliest idea of me starting up my own business, to this day as the founder/creator/co-owner of one of London's most successful and profitable hotels, she has been a guiding force of wisdom and deep integrity.  Without her, there truly would be no Hoxton Hotel, and likely no One Aldwych either.  The values that she stands for and teaches have become an integral part of my business, my team and our message to the business community and the world. Kurt Bredenbeck, 
Founder Quest Hotels Limited, U.K.

I came feeling burned out and broken, but both the environment in Zambia and the loving attention and kind chivvying I received from Brenda helped me stand up again and find the courage to move forward. J.G., (Musician, U.K.)

My friends have always commented on my increased peace, confidence and self-esteem I have when I return home from the Zambian workshops – I have been to two and each one has prompted me to re-examine my beliefs and behaviours and make positive changes in my life.  It is a powerful experience and my life has been enriched beyond measure as a result. Mary Edgar, Australia

Dr. Davies clearly said that her mission was to "support you to be the best you can be," and not to impose her values or to create clones.  Corporate managers are always under pressure to "deliver results," and bound by the fear of failure to do so.  Dr. Davies made me understand that this problem cannot be eliminated, unless the awareness and thoughts of the members of the organization, myself included, change. E.K., Japan

Enlightening, enriching, transformative work, the model of teaching/learning used is truly holistic. Mary Murphy, Dublin

I felt quiet, deep, and mature love from Brenda.  The teaching I received in these two days seeped into somewhere deep in my heart and I cannot put it into words.  It felt like an amalgam of all the things I have ever learned in various seminars. H.K., Japan

Everyone should meet Brenda Davies at least once in their lives - an amazing lady who brings such inspiration and hope to us. KM, Ireland

I thought that I knew where I was and where I was going till I came to this master class and truly found myself.  I feel truly transformed and will be ever grateful. Jean M, Texas, U.S.A.

The workshop enriched my life as a whole, giving me a new understanding of life and its beauty.  For those thinking of attending future workshops with Brenda in Zambia, I say go with an open heart and do the full package, including the Safari and Victoria Falls visit to experience real magic.  I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. S.A., U.K.

I felt healed, safe, and calm in this space filled with love.  In every transaction I have with people, I hope to feel inside of me at all times the warmth and love that Brenda showed us.  I want to place more value on small agreements, dialogues, and physical contacts with everyone. N.T., Japan

Brenda is the most amazing person I have ever met!  She is ordinary and extraordinary; untouched by her fame and grounded in a way that most of us strive for.  They broke the mould when they made her. K.L.W., Australia

Brenda's residential workshops are life changing and are a gift that keeps on giving long after they are over.  It's hard to describe the transformative power of connecting with one's self under Brenda's very wise and loving guidance.  It is something that really has to be experienced to be understood. K.Z., Croatia

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