Having been born and raised in County Durham, England, I now live in Zambia, which has always felt like my spiritual home. Here, I live on Empilweni Farm (a place of peace and healing) with a loving, thriving, harmonious community of Zambian people many of whom were orphans when they arrived, and who, over the last twelve years, have become my extended family. From here I travel extensively to see my family in UK and to teach at the School which is now in nine countries around the world.

My professional education and training took me along the path of Physician and Consultant Psychiatrist, however I have been what would usually be called a ‘Healer’ since childhood.  However, I prefer to be seen as someone who may be trusted to be a fellow traveller for a while in the lives of those who find themselves in dis-ease – whether with their body, mind or soul or any aspect of  life until they find themselves again and stand firmly on their own path. My aim is always to help support others as they become the best that they can be.

I love my life and people in general and an honoured to share whatever gifts I have.  Having had my share of woes, I find life wonderful, and I love to laugh and play while nevertheless being deeply respectful and sensitive to the pain of others.

“The measure of our greatness is in how we stand up after we fall.”  Unknown.

I am honoured to stand by, to guide and to aid healing while people find themselves once more able to stand up and, in doing so, discover their greatness.