The short answer to where does Brenda work is anywhere. Brenda works in her consulting room, in lecture halls, by the roadside if necessary, in dangerous places and anywhere in the world where she is invited to work – in fact wherever she’s called to be – since it is her philosophy that anyone who has the audacity to allow others to see them as a healer needs to have the courage to face and confront woundedness wherever it may be found.

It is this philosophy that has taken her to the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Zambia, South Africa, the USA, Israel, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Egypt, Cambodia, Russia, Zimbabwe and elsewhere.  She can be found in individual homes and palaces; board rooms and hospices; hospitals and schools; healing centres and prisons.

She is as likely to be playing with the children on her farm as talking with a group of politicians, or discussing spirituality with whoever asks her to speak. She is comfortable discussing potential prosperity with a group of CEOs or the effects of cocaine misuse with those suffering or interested in addictive behaviour. She has worked with police, probation officers, social workers, medical professionals, politicians, scientists, nurses, teachers, healing practitioners, parents and of course the sufferers of whatever ails us as human beings.

She has been heard to say – Invite me and I’ll be there…