Basically, Brenda does what she loves and loves what she does and if something doesn’t fit into this framework, then she prefers not to do it at all!  Having retired from medical practice in the U.K., Brenda has a lively practice in Zambia where people come from the whole of the African region and beyond to consult with her, have psychotherapy and healing, or stay for a few weeks to have intensive therapy.  She continues to teach (all over the world), broadcast and write, address conferences, run mentoring groups etc and also do individual work via the Internet.

She also loves group and corporate work (for further information please visit the corporate site); Brenda runs relationship courses, is a marriage celebrant and has a celebrity practice  offering secluded venues where those usually in the public eye can escape and recover in private.  She is Principal of the Brenda Davies International School of Healing and Spiritual Development and also the International School for Multidimensional Health and regularly teaches in UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Zambia and the United States to name but some.

As well as being a healer Brenda is also a medium. She embraces soul rescue work – and works wherever she is called to, be it on old battlefields, places of trauma or tragedy, or in homes or other buildings where souls are lost.  She practices and teaches Past Life Therapy and a variety of advanced healing techniques.  Her books, DVDs, CDs and other products are sold worldwide, some of them in several languages. Brenda is a veteran workshop leader, facilitates conflict resolution and mediates for peace on every level, whether within partnerships, families, corporations, politics or the world in general.