Celebrity Practice

Brenda believes that everyone has the right to have healing in a place where they can be protected and have confidentiality, respect, peace and uninterrupted calm. She has great compassion for those who live their lives in the public eye, who may change millions of lives with a single lyric, or lift hearts and minds with a performance on stage, screen or sports arena, or live in the world of politics, and yet who are often tortured by the press or public when they are sick, in crisis or meltdown, or finally taking time to heal their childhood wounds.

She offers the utmost confidentiality in a range of secluded venues that will ensure privacy, and prefers to work either with individuals or with perhaps three to six people in intensive therapy or healing groups.

“This was the best treat I have ever given myself.  Can you believe that days of sometimes-painful exploration were soothed at the end by watching elephants from a boat?  And my journey to and from the farm allowed me to see what I had forgotten – that people live often in daily concern for their next meal and yet they smile and wave. I had floods of creativity that I had thought were lost to me and came back to New York filled with gratitude and ideas that I have now begun to work on.  ‘Thank you’ seems a very small thing to say in the circumstances!” – LCW (Writer)

If you would like to have more information so that you can avail yourself of this service, feel free to contact Brenda personally at info@brendadavies.com marking your query ‘For the attention of Brenda’.