Empilweni is Brenda’s dream come true. Its name means a place of peace and healing – and that is what it is. It is Brenda’s spiritual home, a small farm where she rests and recharges after her long tours; it’s where she sees her patients, does intensive therapy, marital work, family therapy and mediumship. It is where she writes her books and walks with her dogs. It is a paradise, her paradise.

But perhaps of even more importance, it has become a place of refuge, peace and healing for many who had a difficult start in life, orphans, people who felt lost and abandoned. And here on Empilweni they have found a home.

“We have a small school and an even smaller clinic and we live as a community where all of us can learn to communicate kindly and well, speak our truth and love each other. We strive for equality and respect despite colour, race, creed, age or sex. One could say we are a living social experiment, but we are much more than that.”

The people who have visited Brenda here and met some of our residents, large and small, will contest to the fact that this has become a little piece of heaven. We are proud that we now have several young people in tertiary education and one graduate.


The children are supported Brenda, by the farm and by generous donations from around the world for which we give endless gratitude. Many people offer to come and volunteer their services here, but, though we thank you for your generous offers, we always decline, since we use local services wherever possible and give employment to Zambian workers. Nor do we accept visitors to come and wander around and look at what we do and how we live since this is our home. Should you wish to make a donation to the Empilweni Education Fund however, your kindness will be very well and happily received by us all and we will bless you forever! Karen can give you details and can be contacted at karen@brendadavies.com