04 Feb 2012

Today my heart is singing!  So let me share with you my song…


Today I baptised Tilly Chikondi Davies, she is my third adopted grandchild and once again I am moved to the depths of my being by the love and generosity of the souls who are willing to give birth to a child and then let her go to another mother, another family, who will nurture her into adulthood and beyond.  Thank you. Thank you.  I send you deepest gratitude and wish you well and hope that your hearts may be soothed and heal and that your lives will be rewarded with meaning and fulfilment. We will all take care of Tilly and love her always as she develops into the best that she can be.



How on earth we got lucky enough to be blessed with a third little human being I don’t know.  And in fact she is the fifth adopted child in our family. What divine choreography is this that one mother gives birth; the incoming soul, in full consciousness, has chosen and makes the entry, and the dance begins,  Another mother is waiting, the birth mother lets go… and the child finds her new home and family. And now I watch my daughter becoming a mother as Tilly glides into our lives and each member of our family makes space for her to thrive.  And I watch the community into which she now comes gently shuffle to create room for another being to enter and grow…  The magic of it moves me to tears – joyful tears.


And I think of the birth mother and wonder and send her love.


My heart is too full to write much today.  And I have another baptism to prepare for tomorrow, so let me share with you someone else’s wise words… these come from a South American tribe, though I’m afraid I can’t give you the exact details.  I apologise.


Come, small life, spark of light.  Take wings on earth. You are the son or daughter of honey and of the sixth sun.  You will carry your light into the world, and to the light, you will return.


And then, something I used in the ceremony today which I think is so beautiful…


Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;

The soul that rises with us, our life’s star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,

And cometh from afar;

Not in entire forgetfulness,

And not in utter nakedness,

But trailing clouds of glory do we come

From God, who is our home.

William Wordsworth


Have a wonderful day, a wonderful evening, a good night of rest and a bright new morning tomorrow.


From a very happy grandmother…


Much love