07 Feb 2012

Good morning. Greetings from the beautiful Empilweni Farm where the sun is hot and the valley is beautiful and there’s not even the slightest breeze on my hill.


And in my meditation this morning, these words came to me.  They are from Calcutta, India and are a message to children in a children’s home there…


Take time to think…

It is the source of power

Take time to play…

It is the secret of perpetual youth.

Take time to laugh…

It is the music of the soul.

Take time to pray…

It is the greatest power on earth


What a beautiful balance.  And since if we do the work we love it almost becomes play, therein too is the secret of perpetual youth.


It’s time for me to start to prepare to leave, though I feel as though I just got home from Japan!  It’s a difficult time for me – tying up ends; trying to leave everything secure and everyone provided for; mail answered as much as possible and of course have things prepared for the tour.  First stop, Derry, Northern Ireland. So, I’m busy, busy… But still I will keep the balance of the day and the balance of my energy so that my stamina remains high for the four weeks ahead and all I have to do in Northern Ireland, Ireland, Germany and England.


So the issue of balance is in my mind and how easily we can lose it if we don’t take care of our grounding and protect our energy.  In doing that we don’t have to appear precious or fussy, but simply here, strongly in the moment, moving through time and yet, still. I love that feeling of the stillness within the rush and busy-ness.  This morning I sat for a long time meditating and enjoying the morning air, outside and close to water.  The air was so still, the birds seemed unusually silent and for some reason my dogs, who are usually right there with me, were off elsewhere, chasing wonderful scents of the night no doubt.  It felt as though the whole world was still and my meditation was deep and ecstatic and very healing. At one moment I had a rush of gentle but very bright light and a sense of euphoria and the rightness of everything, even though my human mind may at times think otherwise.  The magic and the beauty of divine order seemed like music in perfect tune and harmony.  I felt assured that there is no need to be concerned about anything; that all is taken care of; that every blade of grass is in the right place and so am I. And so are you. The security of that is such a blessing.  It took me back to my musings of the last few days about choices and apparent inequality and my desire to change that.  Once again I was reminded of something I say often:  All is in divine order including my desire to change it.  That paradox is so important to me – that I can remain absolutely serene in the knowledge of divine order but simultaneously house a desire to pour my energy into righting injustice and inequality.


So, here, I am, in my stillness and yet busy; in my desire to stay here on the farm, but my happiness to see some of you elsewhere in the world. And the words I’d like to share with you are from a Spanish prayer:


In the hours this work will take, miracles will happen, unobserved within my body and mind.

My spirit will grow in maturity.

My love for mankind will make some new acquaintances.

I will savour each second, lay down each minute carefully and joyously, a brick in the temple of my being.


Have a wonderful joyously busy day.


Much love