21 Feb 2012

It’s been a strange time of change, some of it quite painful; some of it potentially destabilising as once again the Divine fashions me for the next stage of my life.  Aligning myself with the will of the Divine is something I’ve worked on all my adult life – from my religious years when ‘They will be done’ was my mantra, to now, when I work with the language of synchronicity and symptom, observing intently the signs which help me interpret which way the Divine wants me to go, and then following that path.


It’s strange also to get into writing again after a while of silence, and yet in some ways it’s like meeting an old friend again and finding that we can just pick up where we left off, and know that will be fine. In fact I saw someone I haven’t seen for years, and that led me to thoughts of friendship – deep, loving, supportive friendship – and how it can last a lifetime or happen in the framework of a brief meeting of souls, where we know that the memory will last for the rest of our lives. Both are nourishing, and sustain us in times when we are alone or lonely.


There are people I remember who I met for only an instant – or hardly met at all in fact except at a soul level.


Many years ago, as I pulled up at a pedestrian crossing, a woman stepped out into the road. As she drew level with the car, she looked deeply into my eyes, as I did into hers. There was a hint of a pause in her gait – no more – and she passed on, never looking back.  But there was such meaning and recognition in that moment, that brief lingering look.  It was nothing to do with the fact that I had stopped for her.  It wasn’t about gratitude.  It was much more. An enigmatic meeting of souls on a grey November day in London.  A look between us that said we knew and loved each other – and it has stayed with me for about forty years.


Why?  What was it that brought us together at that single moment in time in that particular place?


More easy to understand was another momentary meeting, again, many years ago and this time in Egypt.  I paused as I was coming out of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Giza as an Egyptian woman was entering. Without a thought from me, and I know not for her, we stopped and faced each other, and without a word I reached behind my neck and unfastened the clasp of a rose quartz, moonstone and garnet pendant I always wore, while simultaneously, she removed something from her pocket and held it out to me in her clenched hand.  I fastened my pendant around her neck.  Neither of us spoke. She placed in my hand a perfectly balanced brass pendulum, the like of which are painted on the walls of the tombs. And for a moment we held each other’s eyes and then walked away. I felt changed, elated, and as though I had visited a time when we did in fact meet and know each other at that very place.


Why do things like this happen?  Sometimes we never know.  Ancient soul connections, ancient contracts, ancient friendships… But to simply note them, enjoy them and pass on is enough, allowing ourselves to be gently changed by the depth of love in such unspoken moments.


So… for my recently re-met friend; for all my many friends; for those who are walking into my life in friendship and for those who have touched my life in silence over the years, I’d like to send a lovely quotation from Anna Szczuka…


Our friendships are our secret resources, our reinforcements.  No enemy knows their strength. No true friend will count our enemies before throwing themselves into the fray.

The love in friendship is never weaker for being undeclared.

Some such loves remain silent forever, like the moon.


I wish you days and years – a lifetime in fact, of good friendship.


I love you, my friends.