25 Aug 2010

Good morning – I hope you’re all well. Thank you to those of you who have come back to me via the contacts page. Lovely to hear from you. Please keep your messages coming. We’ve been trying to organise RSS so you could divert this to your own mailbox, but it seems that my site won’t allow that – sorry. I wonder if we could organise a comments page or you could get to me via the forum. I’ll come back to you on that.

Well, I’m afraid I have painful things to report this morning. Our lovely old lady from yesterday had a very frustrating day, as did her family and all of us here as Lufeyo and Laxon tried to negotiate the hospital system and get her admitted to hospital in Lusaka. Sadly it took them until almost 6pm, and while waiting in the queue to see the doctor, two other patients ahead of them in the queue died before they could receive medical attention. Thus it is! I have to accept it, but it’s not good enough. The staff are tired and demoralised, the patients afraid that the hospital is just a place to die and therefore wait too long before they go.

So my musings this morning are about acceptance. Not to be confused with complacency. I was thinking about the serenity prayer used by the fellowships who work with people with addictive problems. It says ‘Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.’ Sometimes, with great respect, I think it may need a little change… Accepting things as they are is essential – in this moment, things are as they are and that’s that. However I do need the wisdom to see what I can change and then have the courage to do so.

Our health system is as it is and yesterday’s events, painful as they are, simply have to be accepted even though they give me pain, prompt anger. There’s nothing I can do about yesterday. There’s nothing I can do about five seconds ago. So I accept them and learn from them and look courageously at what I can do to prevent a similar situation from happening again. There may be little I can do about the future of our health system, but I can certainly try. To accept and then become complacent is not OK for me. The anger I feel is clean and healthy with lots of energy – I won’t let it degenerate into resentment and rage which will only incapacitate me and make me sick. I need to allow that anger to spur me on to do something and do it now. So here I am talking to you and utilising this incident to hopefully raise consciousness about our plight; to help others accept their anger as a natural and healthy energy and not stuff it away pretending we don’t have it; to help see that we can use its energy constructively with good and clean intent to prompt change; to acknowledge that we will have anger wherever our personal or social boundaries are crossed and our rights trampled upon and that that’s just fine; to demonstrate that spirituality and anger can work hand in hand (if you’re religious remember Christ’s anger in the temple); to prompt us all to not simply sit back and think that there is nothing that we can do when we see others’ rights ignored. So… already, there’s a lot I can do and just shifting that consciousness changes the one consciousness of which we are part. Now my solar plexus chakra can settle. But then I need to go to my throat chakra and make my voice heard speaking the truth as I know it. I call also on my brow chakra to add clarity, wisdom, understanding and intuition to the courage and compassion of my heart, the power of my solar plexus and the desire for harmony and balance of my sacral chakra. Then keeping well grounded, being respectful and honouring whoever I speak to as another part of the consciousness to which we all belong, I will be peacefully cooperative and yet speak my truth authentically and help raise consciousness about this issue.

So now I can store all of that more comfortably in my solar plexus until this afternoon when the time is right, and now get on with my day and prepare to welcome my first patient.

Please add your raised consciousness and send us love and healing as I send love and healing to you.

Have a great and powerful day

Much love