Brenda Davies

Brenda Davies


We’d like this to be a place where you can wander around and enjoy, and maybe where we can meet each other and explore, or even go on a journey of self discovery together as all of us progress through this amazing journey that life provides for us.  No matter what trauma we have suffered, or whatever prevents us realizing our full potential, all can be carefully addressed and healed at their source, enabling us to let go of symptoms that are indicating we are in dis-ease with ourselves and our lives.  Only then can we be free to become the best we can be.

For private sessions, both face to face and online, or intensive work please contact Tara.

“In every aspect of my life, whether a serous health blip, or blocks to leadership skills or difficulties in fulfilling my potential, Brenda’s knowledge and approach have been life changing. With deep compassion, she masterfully integrates science, spirituality and personal development to help reach and resolve what have seemed intractable life and work issues, transforming every aspect of life and helping me step up and make a difference in the world.”


What little thing can you do today?

I wonder what little thing each of us could do today to help ease the burden of the many who can hardly stand up because they’re weary or hungry or lost. Just pause for a moment and think. 



School of Spiritual Development – Module 4 Solar Plexus Chakra

Change of dates All are welcome. Contact Emma Craig for more information.

Saturday - 9 to Sunday - 10 November, 2019 / UK

Spiritual Prosperity

Change of date - all welcome! Now a one day Personal and Professional Development Day open to everyone.

Friday - 08 November, 2019 / UK

Tag für Heilung

€110 / Contact: Kristina Messerschmidt

Thursday - 24 October, 2019 / 9AM to 5PM / Aquariana Praxis- und Seminarzentrum, Berlin