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The Many Faces of Grief

If we have the courage to love, sadly we will inevitably suffer grief if the object of our love is lost and the connections between us are broken. Whether the loss is of a person, a marriage, a home, a country, a career, a body part, a beloved pet, a way of life, innocence or something else cherished and held dear, our hearts are torn, our world is changed and our stability is shaken. Our response to that loss is what we call grief. For each of us, the process is unique and dependent upon many factors such as the nature and quality of the relationship, our age when the loss occurred and whether or not the loss was expected and prepared for.  We will look at the immediate, short-term and long-term consequences and ways of promoting healing.

Please contact Tara for more details

Saturday - 26 to Sunday - 27 November, 2022 / 9.30AM to 5.30PM / Online event

The Gift and Art of Mediumship Two-day postgraduate workshop

Mediumship is not for everyone, but for some, it develops as their most treasured gift. To train at this level, please be up to date with all your chakra work and be clear as to your intent.  It demands your respect and the highest possible ethics as you have the honour and privilege of literally being a medium between two or more people, one still here on the earth plane and the other on the soul planes.  This workshop is open to Post Graduate students from the Dr Brenda Davies schools. Please contact Tara for more details

Saturday - 1 to Sunday - 2 October, 2022 / 9AM to 5.30PM / Online event

Renewing our commitment to bring peace into our lives and our world

Renewing our commitment to bring peace into our lives and our world 7.30 pm BST Tuesday, 13 September 2022 An online evening of discussion and meditation. All welcome. There will be no charge for this event, but you may like to make a donation to a charity of your choice. To receive your participation link, please register by Thursday 8 September with

Tuesday - 13 to Tuesday - 13 September, 2022 / 7.30PM to 9PM / Online event

Masterclass Series in Inspirational Leadership and Responsible Communications - New group for Autumn 2022

Dr Brenda Davies is delighted to offer a repeat of this wonderfully received Masterclass Series on Leadership, previously hosted in the Spring 2021 and spaces now available for the Autumn of 2022.   'Every module of this inspiring leadership course gave us a great mixture of theory, examples, exercises and discussion. And as usual Brenda's wonderful delivery, as well as the dynamic atmosphere in the group, made it very special. I am so pleased that I could attend this course. ' 'It was just amazing.  I feel empowered and strong enough to go out into the world, use my leadership skills and let my voice be heard.' 'I was surprised by how quickly and profoundly positive changes occurred during this Masterclass.'     Please contact Tara for more details

Saturday - 03 September to Saturday - 10 December, 2022 / 1.30PM to 6.30PM / Online event