Living a Love Affair with Life

Life can be a wonderful love affair which, like all love affairs, has exhilarating ups and sometimes painful downs, but overall brings us joy. Much depends upon our attitude, our expectations, our level of maturity and our capacity to love in the first place, these generally being dependent upon our personality and our early experiences.  If we create a loving, peaceful and harmonious energy field with a high vibrational frequency, we will usually have a sense of well-being that helps maintain our mood, our health and stamina in which we can develop nurturing, loving, cooperative, mutually supportive relationships with our fellow human beings and the planet itself.  Or we can choose a different way… However, since we cannot negate our energy, whatever we choose for ourselves, we, by extension, choose for those we love, those around us, and ultimately for the world. This is a 2 day online workshop with Brenda. Places available. All welcome! Please contact Tara for more details and to register your interest in this event.  

Saturday - 18 to Sunday - 19 February, 2023 / 9.30AM to 5.30PM / Online event