Recalibrating and Healing our Inner Parent

We all began as children, and we carry our inner child self with us throughout our lifetime. Ideally, we have also developed a healthy, loving, just, and tender inner parent who can take care of the child so that our adult self can walk out into the world and become the best s/he can be. Depending upon our actually parenting and the influence of various authority figures throughout our lives, this inner parent can either lack or be over-endowed with a sense of responsibility and self-discipline, and often needs some help to understand the role s/he should play to ensure that we have a comfortable, well-balanced inner life. Come and enjoy this potentially life-changing workshop and find your true self. Please contact Tara for more details  

Saturday - 22 to Sunday - 23 October, 2022 / 9.30AM to 5.30PM / Online event