After the tornado, a new landscape - a never ending cycle of life

I’ve had a couple of very quiet days with little interruption and time to just be, thing, write, play music and talk to you.  And also to meditate which I love. I’ve walked in my garden where we are still sadly trying to tidy up after a recent tornado and there are huge gaps where there were magnificent trees.  I love the trees and I’ve been sad to see then destroyed, but yesterday I looked at it all quite differently.
In the spaces that have been created there are little saplings growing already – just a few weeks later. There were birds picking around in the undergrowth that perhaps haven’t been able to get there before.  There’s new life.  And even though I still look at the old stumps and the trees still standing but with huge limbs missing, I thought of my other home in in Zambia and how, there, nature regulated itself with fire. Sometimes even while the land was still smoking, the impala would tip-toe in and nibble about finding tasty things they usually couldn’t find, and they’d fertilise the land as they went and in a brief while – sometimes just days, even without rain, new shoots would come up and , though the landscape was different and took a little while to get used to, it was so beautiful again.
As I stood yesterday just looking and meditating I thought that this is what’s happening to the world. And though the tornado feels destructive, just like the fire, there will be after it, a different landscape, I’m sure, but also new growth that will be beautiful. But I also thought of the fact that each of us eventually makes way for the incoming souls who bring with them a new beauty and new possibilities.  So… I’m struck this morning by the never ending cycle of life and have hope in my heart with spirits restored.
Much love to everyone