Candle Path

We are having a celebration of the life of someone dear to us in the School, and have created for him a Candle Path as a ceremony that I thought others might like to share.
I don’t want to identify this person here, but I believe that this is one of the reasons for which he incarnated this time…  In his dying he has brought many to understand more the sacredness of both life and death.  He is leading this path we are preparing and treading now.  His gentle and wonderful presence in our lives was no accident.  Nor is it any accident now that many who did not meet him are also touchéd by him.
Yet I don’t want to elevate him to any status other than that of a magnificent spiritual being who was here with us treading the human path for a while – just like all of us.  He wouldn’t want that and neither would his family.  He is extraordinary in his ordinariness; ordinary in his extraordinariness – just like all of us.
So let’s take this opportunity of healing our own wounds of grief – even those form long long ago, and as we light our candles, or keep them burning constantly these days a I have done, let’s be aware of those we have known and those we never knew but who nevertheless affected our lives both in their living and their dying. Let not one life be ignored, nor one death. Let not one life be less valuable than another. Nor one death.  And in the transitions of birth that are happening now, let there be welcome; and in the transitions of death that are happening now, let there be peace.  And in all of it, let there be healing; let there be remembering; let there be joy replacing our sorrow.
Whoever you are, wherever you are, please feel free to join us as we trace a path and have ceremony and healing.  You could of course join us also on the Forum.
Much love