Divine Order

The perfection of divine order is an on-going joy and mystery to me even after all these years – over 70 years – that I have been working with it. When things have been very difficult in my life – one dreadful time in particular – it was the one certainty that has kept me alive and hopeful, knowing that even if I should die, it would be fine because it would be in divine order and therefore perfect.  And as the years have gone by, and sometimes I feel frustrated with the Divine that people suffer so, I try to get my human self out of the way, connect with the Divine and let go, and always, in the end, there’s clarity and wisdom and my faith in the rightness of things is restored.  I look at the current political situation and at the violence in the world, and I acknowledge the divine order and also that part of that divine order is my determination to change it, to make a difference, to lift my energy, to work hard, to do all that I can to fully play my part and help, if I can, to mobilise others to play their part too. This is really what the school is about – everyone being mobilised, with all our gifts fully manifest, so that we can make a difference in the world.
Much love