Everybody and everything matters... - 06 June 2020

From my window, I can see the planet in all its glory breathing now, relishing the peace, its heart beating more strongly, as it was hardly able to do when we were strangling it with pollution and traffic and such. Yet, like any other mother, she only needed a pause, and hopefully a ‘sorry’ and there she is loving us as always even though the issues that wounded her so badly may well be starting again. So now – as the errant children we have been – what’s our next move? How do we complete the apology with a genuine ‘and I won’t do it again’?  What would that mean?  What would that look like?  What would it cost us to ensure her survival rather than her demise at our hands?

And my mind strays to my own mother and her willingness and capacity to forgive… But it’s important not to take that forgiveness and resilience for granted… There might be a time when it becomes too late…

But I’m also with the rising mental health issues… None of us who have been isolated this last three months can be unchanged by having been separated from our loved ones for so long and having no physical touch or real face to face contact all this time.  I’m lucky in that I’m talking to people online pretty well all day every day and, though I don’t have physical contact, I do have faces that smile with me, eyes that contact mine and shine, laughs and sweet exchanges and I feel the love across the miles as I feel sure the person all those miles and possibly continents away, can feel mine.  But some people don’t have that either…  And that leads us to be sad and lost and our hearts ache, and then, of course, our immune system is threatened. And apart from this, there’s so much fear – about the virus, the future, education, employment, the imagined loss of our loved ones, of not being able to be with them should they be ill or dying, or on their last journey of this lifetime… etc etc. And the homeless have not dematerialised at this time.  They still have their sense of abandonment and loss and little sense of inner security and belonging.

So, who could you soothe with some simple words, or a smile, a phone call, and online video meet… whatever?  Whose burden could you help ease?

I’m thoughtful but never giving up hope.

And then, of course, there are the serious and disturbing socio-political events that have been highlighted this week.  I feel ashamed and distressed that we still need to be reminded that black lives matter as much as any other. I’m shocked that someone could at any time, but perhaps even more so in broad daylight, murder someone while others stand just watching and neither say nor do anything to intervene.  I’m appalled that the resultant natural outpouring of grief and anger could be so badly misunderstood and mishandled and my heart aches for all of those who suffer racism on a daily basis and just go unnoticed and ignored.

What moved me greatly was the courage of those police officers and others who either knelt with the peaceful demonstrators or took off their protective gear and weapons and walked with them. I can imagine the possible outcome for them and send love and admiration to them all.

I cannot help being white, but I can help using that fact to gain advantage over anyone else.  I can take note of injustice to others and at least speak and hopefully do something.  I can use my voice and my heart and my love to at least try to make a difference, and so can we all. I can hold love in my heart and do whatever work I need to do to be that peaceful warrior I aspire to be and so can we all.

I feel deeply loving of all of humanity.  Please let those of us who meet here and discuss our hopes and dreams and joys and gratitude not forget that this racism exists all around us and we need to be aware and live what we talk about. Let us raise our game and be peaceful warriors for justice, truth and what is right. Racism can never be right.

Much love