Expression without words

Dear Everyone
Greetings from Cyprus!
I’m feeling so overwhelmed with joy, love and gratitude as I watch life unfold.  I was struck yesterday how the language of love, openness, kindness, humour and the energetic and non verbal language of welcoming with our hearts opens conversation no matter in what actual language.
I had exchanges yesterday with an old Turkish man who will live in my heart forever.  He had such a beautiful face and though none of us spoke Turkish except him, he managed a few words of English but then we conversed in smiles and sign language.  He lovingly made us sandwiches – it was 3pm and none of us had eaten since breakfast – and the beautiful fresh bread stuffed with ripe tomato, cucumber and chicken tasted like heaven.  He made us coffee and signed and half asked us if we needed sugar.  I said, in English that I didn’t and laughed that I am sweet enough, and to my joy, he understood and laughed and twinkled at me with clear eyes full of affection and warmth.  We then had a pamphlet of the events with a photo of me and I pointed to the Turkish and he grabbed it and read, occasionally looking curiously at the photo and then at me.  I was amused and laughed, and he leaned back and looked closely at me and then asked, ‘Dr Brenda Davies?’ and I nodded.  We ended touching shoulders as I autographed the pamphlet and he laughed and held it to his chest and I felt that he was saying he would tell his family.  For me the whole thing had nothing to do with ego, but pleasing this old man with an experience he hadn’t expected, that obviously touched him, though no more than it touched me.
I left feeling that our souls had met and the moment wouldn’t be forgotten by either of us.  He was such a gift to me and my whole being wants to hug him though I may never see him again.  And all of this with just a handful of mutually understood words between us.  The real language was of a completely different kind.
Today I hope you will find someone who moves your heart even without spoken language.  I think we have only to open our hearts and minds to whoever we meet…..
I am giving daily updates regarding the Cultivating Peace workshops in Cyprus on the forum.  Meet me there!
Much love