I just need to do my best regardless

I’ve been away for a few days and I hadn’t been able to have internet access, so no news at all.  Re-entering the ‘outside world’ came as such a shock when I realised all the things that had happened while I was away.  How the world had turned, politics had moved on, momentous things had happened and yet my world had been bright, exciting, lively, stimulating, loving and filled with deep experience and learning. When I was told initially that I would have no internet access at all during this week away, I felt a bit concerned – I couldn’t keep up with the work here on the forum, or elsewhere. What I still could do though was meditate, love, radiate peace, send good intentions, send healing and just be… So that’s what I did.  I focussed on the moment and what the Divine had put on my plate and was right in front of me.
So as I listened to the news on the radio as I drove back into the world I wondered how different my week would have been had I been had that come into my consciousness every day.  There is so much that I can do nothing about except what I had actually done in any case.  Knowing about the details of the political manoeuvring, or the chaos in the world, wouldn’t actually have made me behave any differently but maybe it would have diluted the power of the work I was doing blind as it were… It wouldn’t have made me send more healing, or make different intentions.  It may have left me disappointed or angry at what had happened and therefore weakened what I could actually do…  I’m still thinking about it. And so far, I’m thinking that I just need to do my best regardless.  I need to broadcast healing, light and love regardless of the details of what’s happening.  I need to be conscious of our need to love unconditionally always. It doesn’t matter what’s really happening, where the bombs are dropping of the feuds are raging, or there’s yet another famine…  I need to be doing all my work to the best of my ability all the time since I can never know all that’s going on…
But then also on the radio was an interview with someone who had been kept a prisoner in Beirut for four years and who was talking about peace, love and forgiveness and I thought that that’s we can all do.  We can, regardless of anything, maintain our own peace, forgive with love and compassion, and be willing to share what we have with the world.  That’s the best I can do today and I will.
Much love, peace, compassion, understanding to all.