Let’s make this work! 26 March 2020

Hello everyone,
I hope you’re managing to keep well and active despite the major upheavals in the world right now.  Of course, I understand there must be mixed feelings about all of this chaos.  I share some of them but am trusting divine order.  And within that divine order is the fact that I don’t have to like it, or agree with it. In fact, it’s my responsibility to use my voice in my truth and integrity to add to whatever ‘truth’ that is already revealed, and help myself and others to update theirs. Every one of us is responsible for the evolution of truth that brings us closer to the absolute truth which none of us can know for certain. This crisis, like any other,  is adding to our knowledge and truth about who we are, what motivates us, what angers us, what prompts our courage, what prompts us to care, to love, to get out of our comfort zone and extend ourselves for another’s benefit…  All of that is coming into sharp focus right now – and maybe it needed to.  Maybe we had all become complacent about our duty as responsible human beings – to love, to care, to share, to work, to play, to nurture etc. We are being called to be courageous.  To listen to the rage of our hearts and stand up and add our voice. Every point of view – even those we don’t like – is important in teaching us all.

So, there’s much beauty in what’s happening, inconvenient as it is and scary as it might be for lots of people.  Let those of us who can, stand up and just be…  just be all that we can be… powerful, loving, beautiful, magnificent spiritual beings here living the human life.  And let us all be active in building a new world that will survive after whatever ails our planet and our body of humanity.Come on.  Stand up! Be in your power, heart open, voice ready and let’s make this work.

I’m loving you all.