Listen to the rhythm of each other's inner music


I’ve been thinking a lot about the blending of different styles of communication – different languages even – and all the physical gestures and body language that make communication so rich and alive – and how we enter into the sacred dance as we approach each other. We learn each other’s language and twirl and play with each other, helping guide each other around the dance-floor of life and relationship while we try not to stand on each other’s toes. And, if we do, hopefully, we apologise. Then we gain pace and, ideally, listen to the rhythm of each other’s inner music and keep in step harmoniously, while allowing the other to have the beat alternately too, so that the relationship stays alive and respectful.

And how we need to remember the etiquette of the dance – equal partners, sharing the time and the space and attention, no matter who we dance with – even briefly – whether strangers, or authority figures or people who may have difficulty understanding us. And, of course, with children too. And how, if we don’t listen to the other’s rhythm, and therefore stand all over each others feet and sensibilities, relationships can lose their music and descend into a noisy painful chaos… the dance lost.

Sometimes, like everyone else, I lose my rhythm, get off track, miss a beat and then my thoughts aren’t clear, my intention wobbles, my path appears lost for a while and I need to pause and look and reign myself in and start again. I’m grateful at those times when some mystical divine order sends something to alert me, warn me, show me that I need to make a shift, even if its painful, to align myself with divine will and walk straight, dance fluidly, get back in my power and be fully in tune with the beat my life requires for me to share this planet with a wonderful diversity of cultures, colours, creed, age, gender and be as be effective as I can, doing my work, living my mission, loving unconditionally.

So, now I’m off to dance with life.  Have a great day!

Much love