Making changes - 18 March 2020

We are often asking ourselves and others to make changes.  Change their minds.  Change our attitude. Change our behaviour.  Change our beliefs. But I think that such change is never easy!  And often we procrastinate for long periods before we actually do make the change we know we should, or could, or would like to make.
        Making changes means we have to let go of what we thought was the truth and open up to something new.  If we’re in a phase of rapid change, then we can be doing that every second since every moment presents us with something else to learn from. Something else to extend us and prompt us to grow. Sounds exhausting – and it can be if we resist and won’t let go of what is out-dated.
        The tide of time tries to carry us with it – as it must – and if we stubbornly try to hold the past, we’re constantly missing the present and all the wonder it offers us.  If we can just allow the river of life to move us forward, not clinging to the bank and hurting ourselves in the process, but just relaxing and being carried, we move on and find ourselves in a completely new place where there’s love, and beauty and things we could never have dreamed of. If we can just take a risk and trust that that just might be so, we might be surprised at what can happen.
        Life is constantly in a state of flux, with ups and downs and times when we feel unbalanced and lost.  As long as we keep grounded and go with the flow, moving with the harmony of life, we can rebalance ourselves and keep on growing.  It’s when we resist the downturns and get frightened of them that we stumble, clinging on to the past, to what people have done to us and we become so obsessed with the ‘bad’ things that we forget to remember the good. And though many of us have had really hard times, there have still been sunsets, babies smiling, people singing, kind words and deeds. It would be sad not to mark them as important to us too.
I wonder what would happen if you just accepted that some things have been painful, but that you must have learned something from them – whether or not your recognise that now.  Then you can say thank you for them and move on in the hope that everything will eventually become clear.  Just think about how much space you’d then have in both your heart and head for new experiences!
      I’m wishing you peace and clarity and joy in both the large and the small things… and much healthy, happy change and growth…
     Much love