Making Decisions

Hello everybody,
I was thinking about the fact that our lives are full of choices and that means that we’re constantly being confronted with making decisions – about things great and small. Sometimes we feel that we have no choice in so many matters, but we almost always do.  And exercising our right to choose is major – a human right.  Sadly in some parts of the world, that is denied so many people, so if we’re lucky enough to be in a place where we can actually choose -I feel it’s good to excercise our right.
First of all, I like to look at what decision I’m facing and why I’m needing to make it. What are my options?  How would each benefit me or anyone else? What might the risks be? Which option gives me most of what I want with the least risk? Often my choices also involve someone else – let’s say someone very close to me – and maybe I want to ensure that nothing I do impacts negatively on them, while always remembering that in the end it is MY choice and I refuse to be pressured by anyone to make a decision I don’t want to make. Sometimes, the best decision I can make is not to make a decision right now. I might opt for some advice, but in doing that I also need to look at whether the person giving me the advice is neutral or is biased in any way.
Having done that basic ‘homework’, I  get myself grounded and get all my chakras aligned and use every one of them to help the right decision become obvious. Then I use my intuition and my vision of the best possible outcome, pour love into the situation, check that it’s in my integrity, use the wisdom I have, ask for guidance and the blessing of the Divine and I know that now, when I finally commit to the decision, I will have peace and clarity, passion, a sense of purpose, hope and joy, and I’ll feel relaxed, loving, open and free. The choice is made. My decision is in action and I move into a new space of calm and forward motion, enthused by hope, motivated and with the drive necessary to move along my new path. That’s where I am now…
Happy decision making
Much love