More Daily Lessons

Today I was talking to an old man who had had an amputation of his leg and he was wondering how he’d manage since he lives alone.  But as we talked, I could feel that it wasn’t so much the recent amputation he was concerned about, but another ‘amputation’ of a few years ago. His wife died suddenly without time to say goodbye and since then he has lived alone, though has lots of visitors who pop in, play a game of dominos or cards, chat a while, make him a cup of tea, bring some scones they’ve made – and yet, of course, nothing makes up for the loss of his beloved.  And now, in losing another part of himself, as he saw his wife to be – part of him – he feels bereft again.
We talked about how kind he himself must be that so many around him mirror that and are kind to him; how attentive he must be since so many around him are attentive to him; how thoughtful he must be since so many people mirror his thoughtfulness.
I thought what a lesson there is in that for all of us, to do what we’d like others to do for us; to be what we would like to see in the world.  And I remembered those beautiful words about being the change we would like to see happen in the world…
I must have needed to hear that again today…
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Much love