My Hope for today and for the future - 06 April 2020

I’m so sorry that this is a hard time for everyone.  I’ve been watching as the current situation has from time to time reminded me of war with everyone afraid of attack, and the infantry out on the front line trying to protect us all – often, from ourselves and each other rather than a virus. I’ve been very quiet.  Watching. waiting. being.

Then someone wrote to me yesterday and mentioned Easter.  I’m not religious at all, having decided long ago that I didn’t want to be divided by religious dogma, but rather united in spirituality.  But of course, I know the story.  It reminded me of something I’ve often thought and said to many people in a crisis of one kind or another over the years.  And that is that every soul in every life has its time in the wilderness, a kind of crucifixion and, if we work well and forgive, a time of resurrection. But this is not only about individual lives. It has happened to the whole world too over the ages, with huge wars, dreadful loss, whole swathes of our young manhood – and womanhood too – cut down in their prime.  Then, then, for a while, there’s peace while we remember.  But then we forget…

Lately, it has seemed that worldwide. we’ve been in the wilderness with us, the people, being split, lost, uncaring, lacking respect. ignoring the plight of our neighbours, refugees, displaced people, those sleeping rough, those afraid in there own homes because of the rise in domestic violence. We’ve had conflicts worldwide.  We have been betrayed by politicians who, rather than looking for cooperative ways forward, scream and ridicule and threaten each other, ignoring the people they are duty and honour bound to represent and protect. There has been lining of pockets rather than being fair and sharing with each other.  There has been denuding of services that should ideally serve us all in times of need.  A wilderness of common human decency and a betrayal of love.

So now there is a time of great change.  It’s almost like a crucifixion. Loss, sadness, grief and, very sadly, it seems we have needed this in order to unite with a common goal – to survive.  But still, there are great arguments about the way we to do that – survive.  Of course, there are many opinions.  So there should be.  But the panic, anger, selfishness and conflict only serve to lower our immunity as fear and rage still overshadow love and peace.

I’m hoping for the resurrection.  It would be good to have it soon. But it seems we still have a lot to learn, including forgiveness. Perhaps we still need to surrender our egos and find humility so we can listen to each other’s points of view in peace rather than in combat.  Maybe then we can find our way to the resurrection of our planet and of a united and loving human family where everyone’s needs are tended to, where we can see all as equal parts of this great and wonderful mass of spiritual humanity.  Then there will be peace.

This is my hope for today and for the future in general.  Certainly, life can never be the same again, so why not let’s strive to make it better than it ever was before?

Much love,