New Discoveries

This week I have discovered anew the magic of Ireland.
After the school in Ireland I had a couple of days wandering round the Ring of Kerry where I hadn’t been for about 25 years or so.  I had never forgotten its beauty, or the mysticism that emanates from every rock and every blade of grass, and yet I found also so much that I hadn’t registered before.
I discovered just how much I had changed and grown during that time since I was there, and as I remembered the steps I took last time, I was aware of a maturity that I mustn’t have had all those years ago.  Of course, I couldn’t have had! So I rediscovered myself in some ways as I rediscovered ancient places, moss covered rocks, cool pools, beds of yellow iris and meadowsweet.  I felt a deeper connection, and longed to stand for hours with my feet on this amazing part of the planet, aware, as I am when I travel, that Empilweni is also simply part of the same land, just separated by time and distance. And I felt a deeper connection with an ancient part of me too.  And, as the gentle mist came down and covered again what I had been honoured to see, I felt deeply blessed.
So I’m carrying this week many new and old impressions mingled together and reorganised into a new inner landscape which I will treasure,  experience again and again and then no doubt up-date with even more discoveries both of this amazing planet and myself.
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Much love