Playing a game with Life and NEVER giving up... - 29 May 2020

Hello everybody,

Well, the coronavirus controversy continues with conflicting reports from scientists and others.  Difficult to make sense of some of it.  What is for sure is that it is a much more virulent virus that was at first suspected and the long term effects for some people are pretty awful with a range of very strange symptoms lasting many weeks. So my personal stance remains unchanged.  I will still protect everyone from me until my intuition – or more evidence – guides me to do otherwise.  I’m working with people in no less than ten countries right now and for many of them, there have been disastrous consequences from this infection.  However, there are basic principles that will pull us through, and these remain my guidelines for my life and serve me well.

Keeping some routine I believe is essential and yet being creative with it too. My chakra work and meditation are as regular as eating or brushing my teeth.  They are my staple.  But then I have music, and I play too.  For me, I have to create humour wherever I can, since it’s so healing.  So I embroider the basics – make fun out of having competitions with myself.  How long it might take me to do some task.  What I can get into ten minutes. How many things I can tick off my to-do list. How much I can stretch my endurance and build my stamina. Silly perhaps, but rewarding nevertheless. And of course, I have my gratitude time.  Counting my blessings.  Being aware of just how lucky I am to feel loving and loved, to have work to do, to feel a sense of purpose and belonging. And so what if occasionally I get something wrong, ‘fail’ to reach a target.  So? Time to pick myself up, make whatever recompense I can and get on with it rather than wallow in self-flagellation. And when I do reach goals, it’s absolutely fine to feel pleased with myself and pat myself on the back and give myself a treat. I’m playing a game with life. There’s nothing on my list that you can’t do… I assure you, it will help you feel better.

Obviously there are going to be times when we all feel discouraged in the present circumstances. But we really do need to do whatever we can to bounce back and return to our journey to becoming the best version of ourselves that it’s possible to achieve today. And sometimes we just have to take rest.  And at others, we have to be willing to take risks and step up when it feels we can’t go on for another day.  Yes, we can! And day by day, this too shall pass.

Let’s all keep up hope and share that with each other. We can all help fire each other with enthusiasm and motivation to keep with our journey, or as my granddaughter says, stick with the programme…

And I still look daily at a beautiful sketch someone once sent me – probably forty years ago.  It’s of a woman sitting on the floor with her hair all in disarray and papers and mess all around her.  But she has clenched fists up in the air and she’s shouting into the ether, NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Come on – all together now… NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Much love