Raising our Global Consciousness - March 2020

Someone asked a beautiful question about raising global consciousness.  I know that so much work is being done in this area, but, of course, the question made me think.  Sometimes the whole issue appears daunting, but I don’t think it needs to be.  If each of us just does what we can and try not to compare ourselves with what everyone else might be doing, we can be at peace and that’s a good start.

I just came back from teaching the Heart Chakra module in the Spiritual Development course in the School, and of course, this is some of the work we were doing – starting with raising our own consciousness; healing our own hearts; bringing ourselves to peace while respecting all others.  If each of us can then look out at what part we can play in healing others by loving them – and ourselves – respecting all, working for equality, finding our inner peace so we can live and model a way of peace, we can be part of a great global healing. If we can look at and heal codependence that otherwise causes power gradients and renders others helpless, we can stand in our own power and help empower others.  If we can be aware of our motives when we speak, we are more likely to have loving, respectful transactions with others. If we can add gentle humour and respect when things appear full of doom and gloom, we can lift hearts and spirits and help turn a potentially disastrous tide.

My heart is so open right now, and I feel imbued with a sense of urgency. I often close workshops and such with a meditation on incantation that I love, so I’m going to use it here…

We ask that the hungry may be fed; the thirsty have clean water to drink. 

That those who are sick can have help and comfort,

That those who may be preparing for the transition we call death, have peace,

And those who grieve have solace. 

Let those who are preparing to incarnate now, have a safe journey here and a warm welcome. 

Let those who are in conflict put down their arms and find a peaceful way forward. 

Let politicians and policymakers who hold our lives and our planet in their hands make good ethical decisions on our behalf.Let all of us find peace in our hearts

Let us respect all others regardless of colour, race, creed, gender, age or religious or political persuasion and let us find the joy in diversity.

Let there be peace.

Let us find the light of wisdom and clarity of thought.

Let there be love never-ending.

With much love, gratitude and respect


09 March 2020