Sacred Ancient Connections

Hello everyone,
On a small table that sits beside me in my consulting room is a little statue of a woman – a Hopi woman.  She was made for me by a Hopi woman some years ago.  I loved the energy of this woman as I love the energy of the little woman who sits cross-legged beside me every day, her long hair down her back and her face a model of serenity.
Yesterday one of the Japanese students on the forum talked of visiting a stone circle built by the Hopi people in Japan and I was struck by how amazing it is that these people moved so many thousands of years ago on an amazing journey to what became Canada and America and one of their descendants made something for me which I treasure here in Zambia. But also that just days ago I was there where still stand the stones they erected, and now I’m here with the energy of my beautiful Hopi woman friend. How amazing is that?  And how amazing that we still visit and honour their work, whether the stones that have been standing for centuries or this piece of handcrafted clay that was created for me some twenty years ago. And all of it creates an energetic circle in time and space and embraces the planet and all of us living here now.  Those ancient and sacred connections have been carried generation to generation and by each of us as we have incarnated and left and incarnated again to carry the reverence for the love and dedication with which ancient peoples left their mark.
So my mind has been on other sacred connections.  Connections with those I have chosen to incarnate with many many times and with whom I still share a journey of love and discovery and deep commitment; those with whom I may never have incarnated before, but have this time; those to whom I have very close connections in my human family and those with whom I have sacred connections simply because we are of one consciousness even though we may never in this lifetime meet each other.
I feel deeply loving, very respectful and immensely grateful to all those sacred ancient connections.
Much love