Setting Intentions

I’m thinking about our energy as we set an intention… And how we create our world with our own energy.  For me setting intentions has to be accompanied with a high vibration.  So I would rather have a sense of trust and knowing that whatever happens will be right, rather than a sense of hope, which still somehow adds a little doubt. So I like to get myself really well grounded, work my way up through my chakras until I am open, alive, steady and then set my intention so it comes from a place of peace and trust.  I also feel that intrinsic to the setting of any intention is a trust that whatever happens will be perfect even if I can’t see it that way in the first place.
What are we holding on to when we maintain say anxiety?  What is it that we won’t leave behind?  For example, I want to keep my sense of humour more that I want to let go of irritation.  That shifts my focus to something positive and beautiful and, since what we focus on expands, my sense of humour grows and shines and in comparison my irritation takes a back seat and just flows away…
Just a little gentle trick.
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Much love