The Art of Worrying

Hi Everyone
I love the topic ‘The Art of Worrying’ which is being discussed on the forum.
Worry is a pain to me!  My family often worry about me.  My neighbours worry that I might be murdered in my bed.  My friends urge me to work/travel less because they worry for me health. etc etc. Sometimes I could almost imagine myself with all of these heavy bags of worry energy hung all over me – and none of them anything to do with me!!!  So if I wasn’t so aware, and so quick to ask people not to hang their worry on me, I’d be so lumbered with all of that negative energy that someone would really have to worry about me!!! So, I think we all need to be aware of that when we worry, and especially if we worry about anyone else.  The power of these worrying thoughts is enormous and of course can sometimes act like a self fulfilling prophecy.  So my rule is, if there’s anything to worry about, I will tell you.  If there’s anything about you that you think I need to worry about then please tell me. Until then I’ll send you lightness and love and would love to have similar light energy from you.
And just as those heavy negative thoughts have energy, so do the light positive ones.  Just think of what a gift you can give someone by thinking how beautiful they are, how much you love them, how much you admire them and how much you hope for joy and success in their lives.
How about trying to confine ourselves to that kind of thought?
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Much love