The Daily Help...

Why don’t you take a moment to just be in silence, stillness and peace and send love, healing, kindness, compassion to our troubled world and the suffering wherever they may be.
If you do nothing else, and have only a little time, maybe you could just read the following which could become a daily meditation for us all.  If we could make this a daily intention, then the energy we could create, could offer a great deal of help, though of course, giving hands on help is essential too if we’re in the position to do that.
In the next few minutes, things can change.  We can, together, create a critical mass of love and healing that changes the world.  How about adding your contribution right now and coming back to this regularly to do it again and again until we reshape our world? Maybe you could join me…
Our intention includes that
We respect all humanity no matter what colour race, creed, age, gender, religious or political persuasion.
We respect human rights throughout the world.
We offer love and healing and intention for peace.
We send loving kindness to all humankind and all the cosmos.
We send compassion and forgiveness an ask forgiveness too.
The hungry are fed and the thirsty have clean water to drink
Those who are dying have comfort and those who are grieving have solace
Children are educated and cared for
People who are in conflict put down their weapons and find a peaceful way
Those who are wounded find healing and those who are called to deal with the wounded have stamina and courage
Politicians who have our future in their hands make decisions in integrity
We respect this wonderful planet and aim to leave it a healthy place for our children and their children’s children and so on
We utilise our both personal and global resources well and create a loving, nurturing home in which we can all live in peace.
Thank you everyone for your time, your love and your dedication
Much love