The Energy of 2013

I’ve been much with this issue of the pain and disharmony in the world and what each of us can do about it rather than wait for politicians or others to do it for us.  I wonder if in fact that’s part of the message – that we can have as much chaos as we need to get us to the realisation that we need to bring peace OURSELVES! No one else is going to do it for us.  We are an amazing force if we could just get ourselves geared up to love more and fight less. Have we had enough of this chaos and sadness yet??? What do we need to set us off in a  new direction and bring about transformation?  As always, the only place we can begin is within us; the only heart we can change is our own…
So here is a quotation for us to begin with.  It’s from the wonderful Rumi – and I shall put it in the quotations spot too.

Don’t say that changes cannot happen. A vast freedom could live inside you. 
If each of us could find that vast freedom within us, we would also find an inner joy so unshakeable that we would have a sense of wholeness and well-being even if things might be a bit chaotic on the surface. Even if the world seems to be falling apart, we don’t need to fall apart. And even when things are apparently hopeless, if we have a connection with the Divine, then we can maintain a sense of well-being and wholeness that will sustain us always. And holding on to that connection no matter what, helps us to stay in our integrity, and also reminds us that we have resources we haven’t even touched yet; potential that we’ve hardly scratched the surface of; possibilities we have only to dream of to manifest them. And if we just walk our path as best we can, no matter what anyone else does, we will be OK. As long as we trust and keep walking, bit by bit we will emerge wiser and stronger and even more resilient, and what’s more, we will have created peace within us and peace around us too.
So I’m off to find that vast freedom within myself and trust that changes happen…
There is a conversation at Brenda Online (forum).  I’ll meet you there.
Much love