The Healing Crisis

Hello everyone,
Lately I seem to have been working with a lot of people who have been having a tumultuous time – as indeed we have here on the forum.  And I was thinking about how often in my own life, and in the lives of those I know and love, major upheaval, confusion and pain to the level of a personal crisis often seem to be the necessary catalyst to great and transformational change. Whether this is a betrayal, a death, the loss of a job, a financial crash, accident, illness or an inexplicable abandonment, often later we can map our greater awareness and understanding, success or happiness back to this cataclysmic event. Only if we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed do we miss the growth opportunities and possibilities to completely reorganise ourselves and our lives and not only to survive but to emerge victorious.
The more we hold onto old patterns, old behaviours and old values the more likely is a healing crisis to occur.  if we’re willing to flow and move we can avoid much of the chaos. And yet it’s natural that part of us just wants to remain with the status quo, do what we always did and not challenge ourselves, while another part of us wants to forge forward, learn, grow and push our human limits to the max. But just as time cannot be stopped, neither in reality can our progress and the sooner we give in and move with the flow, the more quickly we will be floating forward in the peace and wonder of growth. If we do try to prevent the flow then we will trigger a ‘healing crisis’ – a physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual crisis that shakes our foundations and gives us little choice but to be propelled forward and have to accept a new way of being.
But the crisis that can set in motion such a profound change has to be enough to transform the energy of our lives – and it’s usually painful, shocking, scary and leaves little of our lives untouched. We may think that this is a disaster; that we are about to lose everything and we may blame ourselves, someone else or the Divine, whereas we have simply outgrown where we were and are now thrust to where we need to be to fulfil our mission, find our path and raise our consciousness.
If I look back on my life, I have had several such crises, none of which I’ve liked at the time. Some have seemed like cruel punishment; some have been more easy to see as timely pushes from the Divine.  But each one ultimately lifted me way beyond my previous internal reality, and soon thereafter, my outer world mirrored that growth. Each one was vitally important in getting me to here. Now and then I’ve thought that I’ve cracked it, and keep on working, expanding and feeling that I’m one step ahead of the Divine and therefore won’t need another push.  But then another crisis comes and I find that I wasn’t moving quickly enough and when I examine the preceding events I can chuckle at what I missed and how, once again, I had all the signs that I needed to grow but didn’t heed them.
None of this means that I can’t take a rest, relax and just enjoy where I am – I do quite a lot of that. But it does mean that if I have further to travel and the time is right to do so, ideally I’ll recognise the signs and get on with it before the universe has to prod me too hard.
We see an on-going healing crisis throughout the world, and each of us can help that by lifting our awareness, raising our consciousness, doing our inner work, finding our inner peace and transforming ourselves so that all of humanity can transform also.
I’m sending you all love on this lovely sunny Welsh afternoon and wish you happy healing.
Big hugs too…