The politics of political unrest...

I’ve been thinking about political unrest and the amount of it we seem to have in the world right now. I wonder what you think about it?  I wonder whether you feel abashed by it?  Maybe like me you have conflicting emotions about it.
On the one hand it concerns me, sometimes even worries me, and I’m not easily worried.  But sometimes I have a feeling of relief that someone is actually having the courage to stand up for their rights which have been neglected, abused, forgotten… Then I think about what’s best to do about it.  Support it?  Feel angry about it? Complain about it? Celebrate it?  All of these seem to have been tried.
Then I ask also what is my part in it?  Have I also been guilty of some trampling on other people’s rights?  Is the message for me also?  If I change my behaviour can that alone help in some way? The answer to the last three questions is definitely ‘yes’.
So, how can I change?  What can I do better?  What can I refrain from doing?
Can I make a change simply by meditating?  Yes.
Can I make a change by watching my own tendency to stir up unrest?  Yes.
Can I change the atmosphere by being calm even if I’m thousands of miles away from the epicentre to the disturbance?  Yes
What can we as a huge group of people interested in health and healing do either separately or in unison?
There is always something we can do, and every drop adds to eventually creating a tide of change.  I wrote a long piece this morning on community building and promptly lost it when the page closed down as my power went off.  Interesting…!!! It reminded me of how many people feel disempowered.  Their power cut off,  they wander helplessly  in the dark with seemingly no light being shed on what could be a solution.  Every one of us can help…
So my prayer right now is that every heart can feel love and be healed and ignited by it; that we all share what we have, whether material or spiritual; a word or a smile; and that we all come to a point where we will not rest until others are fed and watered and comforted and given solace, and then people will put down their arms and we can have peace. That we ceaselessly help to educate and find a better way, so that all of us can have our basic needs met and there will be less need to aggressively strive for them.
Please join me if you can – send love and healing and peace around the world.  And if you’d like to join me in a different way, you’ll find me on the forum at Brenda On-line.
Much love