The potential for us all to make a difference in the world

Dear all,
Today I’m feeling excited as I’m about to set off to meet some of you for the weekend. and I’m thinking of those of you I’ve spoken to in the last days who are also preparing their journey today, but also everyone, wherever you’re going or whatever you’re doing.  And I’m seeing all those movements like strands in a spider’s web, all of us coming from different places, with different goal in mind – going to work, visiting people, going on holiday, having a fun day, or maybe choosing (or having now choice), not to go anywhere today.  Involved in all those journeys are great exchanges of energy, and potential for us all to make a difference in the world by being fully conscious of the exchanges we make.
Could we add an extra smile to each transaction?  Could we be more conscious to be respectful?  If we have to confront someone, could we use the art of confrontation and be more self assertive than aggressive?  Could we look at updating our truth?  Could we be willing to look at another’s point of view and be more compassionate? Could we genuinely enquire as to the other’s well-being and take note of what they say?  Could we be fully conscious and give them all our attention in the brief time we’re with them – not attending to mobile or tablet while the other is waiting for us to return to eye contact with them for instance? Could we prepare ourselves with good intentions before we even begin and be aware that others may not be feeling well or be having issues in their lives that we know nothing about and forgive them if they are not as pleasant as we’d have hoped?  Can we be aware that whatever we do, wherever we are, we can be an example of loving kindness and a spiritual way of being?
So, I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are and enjoy the interactions with the other magnificent beings you’re about to encounter.
Much love and big hugs