Turning points

Every moment has within it the potential to create a turning point in our lives, and being aware of that and prepared for it when it comes, is, for me, an exciting ongoing challenge, mystery, joy – an unfolding of time and possibility…  a moment when the things become sharp and clear and I know instinctively that things have to change – even though sometimes I may not want them to. I believe we all have these moments but often choose to ignore them or doubt our intuition of the time. However, we can meet those moments with trepidation or with excitement, seeing them as a direct and clear message that we have to do something NOW. In the turning point moment the penny drops, the kaleidoscope turns, the pieces fall into place…  In this moment, change can occur with comparative ease. It’s a moment not to miss but to examine carefully; to live through consciously with clarity, focus, hope, expectation and courage as we make ready to move.

There will always be other turning points of course… maybe a series of them as we negotiate life’s path – but if we can just recognise them when they occur and listen to their message, we can make the necessary change.  It probably won’t be a once and for all change – though it might be. That doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that we keep our lives moving, fashioning them to what really works for us, supports our well-being, thrills our heart, brings us in line with our integrity, our purpose and our mission.  Even if there are many moments like that still to come, the move we make now will prepare us for the next stage. I’ve had many such moments – sometimes in quick succession, sometimes with years between, but in each of then there has been knowing.  Not thinking, not wondering, not fearful anticipation, just a pure and beautiful knowing that I must grasp this moment and trust.  I won’t be abandoned like a beached whale. The sky won’t fall.  The sun will still come up tomorrow. I will survive! And I move.

The wonder of the kaleidoscope is that, as it turns, and everything changes, nothing is lost.  There is only gain as, if we allow it, a beautiful new pattern emerges.  We see life differently and often wonder why we didn’t see it so clearly before…  It simply wasn’t the right time. Where we were has been important to our overall development.  We’ve been living out soul contracts and co-creating life with those around us.  We have been exactly where we needed to be.  And now we no longer need to be there… it’s as simple as that. A new pattern full of beauty and promise is awaiting our love and attention. Embrace it.  Even if it’s painful, walk into it… Just be… this is your journey to where you need to go…


Much love