Unsung Heroes

Hello everybody,
In this time of lots of world stress and upheaval, of aggression and behaviour that leans more to the dark then the light, it’s more important than ever that we take note of the good things, the small (or large) heroics, that we focus on those things at least as much and hopefully more than we focus on the negative politics, the awful behaviour we see in the world,.
So… who has been heroic in your life lately?  Who did you a favour?  Who did you witness doing something really beautiful that you’d like to tell the story and lift your own spirit and everyone else’s?
I’d like to thank my beautiful friends in Germany who picked me up from my hotel on Sunday morning and took me walking around a beautiful lake surrounded by all the autumn leaves; who then sat outside with me as we all drank coffee and shared some delicious cake. our knees covered with warm blankets; who sweetly fed the sparrows with me, and told me sweet stories and laughed at mine.  Who then took me home for lunch then drove me to the airport and lovingly hugged me as I set off through security and stood there and smiled at me all the way till I disappeared… and then wrote and thankedme for the lovely day!!!
What a joy!
I then once again had an angel who crept up behind me and smoothly with a delicious smile took my case in Berlin and carried it up the aircraft steps and then, on arrival at Liverpool, appeared behind me again and carried it back down the steps…
I’d also like to mention the hero who relieved me of some of my windfall apples then invited my whole family to enjoy the the amazing apple cake he had made… Scrumptious.
And I also thank the Divine for all of these unsung heroes in my life, for the joy they bring, for enriching my experience, for hugging and loving me and for all the beauty that each one brings.
Much love to you all