Walk an imaginary mile in the other's shoes...

Hello everybody,

Today I feel happy to have a bit more time after a very hectic week and to be able to be here with you this morning.

I’m preparing a workshop, so I’ve been thinking a lot about anger and how, if used wisely, it can creates a clean space where we can again, behave differently, understand better. But sometimes it does quite the opposite and leaves such a painful mess that it’s difficult to wade through. I’ve witnessed both of those extremes this week and been fascinated – and in the latter case – saddened by the pain and chaos that could have been avoided with better communication on both sides.

So I’ve been thinking a lot also about the art of confrontation. (I’m pretty sure there’s an article here on the forum about that if you want to read it.) And also about how some people can manage to get very quickly to forgiveness and move on, whereas others get stuck and unable to budge, and we then there’s an impasse. Of course we’re all witnessing that in our parliament too, here in UK!

Being willing to see the other’s point of view seems to be a major stumbling block. Taking time to listen and not miss that pearl of wisdom that another person’s point of view can  reveal when we ourselves can’t see it. Then using all the wisdom to help us move forward…

Walking an imaginary mile in the other’s shoes could be a good exercise for us all to adopt…

So, I remain thoughtful but hopeful that we can all do that. Then step back into our own shoes with a better understanding of the issues we need to work on and gracefully progress.

Enjoy your day!

Much love