We can make a difference. Let it be a positive one!

Hello everyone,
Things are happening so fast around the world that it seems no longer possible to mention them all individually – hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, violence, hatred, refugees…  And, and, and… But let us not be overwhelmed and feel there’s nothing we can do.  There always is.
Wherever we are, we can send love, we can meditate, we can give our time, we can give our energy, we can share what we have.  We can clear our own energy and make sure that we ourselves live in peace and create loving space for others to do so too.  We can be scrupulous about injustice, racism, gossip.  We can speak up.  We can stand up to be counted.  We can make a difference.  Let it be a positive one!
There are big wars and ‘little’ wars – the ‘little ‘ ones often being in our hearts and in our behaviour.  Let’s think before we act; look at the possible consequences before we decide to take a possible route; look at things from the other’s point of view. Let’s not whip up a storm when a loving confrontation would work even better, and let’s not hold grudges and be quick to forgive.
The energy of little wars coalesces into the energy that creates big wars for which we are all then ultimately responsible… Let’s acknowledge our own responsibility and remember to think and act rather than react…  And maybe we could also remember that those who are perpetrators need our love and peace just as much as anyone else. Sending anger and hatred just inflames – and they already have more than enough of those commodities anyway.
And if you have a minute that you’d like to be spiced up with a great message in a delightful way, and, as a bonus, get your whole energy buzzing, have a listen to ‘Once a day’ by Michael Franti (if you can’t find it, there is a clip on the ‘Music to Inspire’ room in my online forum), and add a peaceful loving thought and action into some transaction today…  And love yourself too…
Most of all, keep your light shining no matter what…
Sending much love and gratitude, and light, peace and healing to all the world.

I hope you have a happy, healthy, peaceful day wherever you are.