What do you want to give to the world? 30 March 2021

Recently, I was doing some preparation for a workshop on prosperity later in the year, and I’d been thinking about what I consider prosperity to be – an abundance of health, happiness, good relationships, friendship, peace, joy, creativity, meaningful work, tenderness, etc and also enough money to buy the essentials of life.  Though of course, the list could be endless.  Then I was pondering on the basic mechanics of how the flow of prosperity occurs and why, when we live in a world of almost endless supply, for many people, poverty in all its forms, is still a daily reality.

Firstly, the river of life is always flowing, and we can take out whatever we need – or want… However – and this is the really important bit – first we have to put whatever we can into the river to ensure the flow. That might seem hard if you feel you have so little in the first place, but read on...  

I started to review my own list of what I can give to the world, and what I want to give to the world. You might like to do the same.  Most of us have much more than we think when we get down to really looking. Much of what we have to give is so valuable but doesn’t cost us anything. In fact, it’s so much more valuable than money – though of course it’s good to also give as much of that as we can. I believe that we all have a responsibility to do our best to get the whole world out of the rut of need where we’re stuck, and get that prosperity wheel really working for everyone – something it cannot do if we ignore the importance of the first part of the prosperity bargain. First we give…then we receive.

So here’s what I came up with…

I want to use and share whatever gifts I have to help all of us find uplifting joy, vibrant good health, possibility, potential, upward and outward movement as we grow into our true unlimited selves with all the amazing gifts we all have, even if they may have got lost under layers of hurt and sadness and grief and worry… well… just life.  I want to help us all find ourselves – rediscover our gifts, allow them the light of day and polish then to their true brilliance so that we become all that we are and much more than we ever thought possible…  I want give time and attention to my own inner work so that I can share happiness, joy, vibrancy,radiating energy, laughter, kind humour, generosity of spirit, healing, hope, optimism, lightness and good clear communication that includes self assertion and the art of peaceful confrontation.  I can give dedication and devotion and forgiveness so that I can be at peace within myself and work to bring peace elsewhere.  I can help to create a sacred dance that unites us in love, trust and inclusivity.  I can give love – healthy unconditional love – a bright, positive attitude, common sense, time, attention, focus, playfulness. And none of this costsme a penny. Then there are actual things and money I can give too. But if you don’t have anything concrete to give, that’s fine. Just give whatever you can.  As long as we all put in some energy and effort, we can get that river flowing fast and it will enrich us all.

And then we can all take from the river of life all of those things too and feel loved and cherished, cared about and cared for.  No one is left behind.  Everyone can be catered for.  We can reunite as a great human family that cares for its own and ignores and rejects no one. We can create harmony and balance with the world. We can create peace…

Much love to everyone and I hope you have a day of giving and receiving; a day that’s better than you thought it could be.


“Creating Prosperity in all its forms”  Online workshop is on

Saturday/Sunday 3/4 July.  A limited number of spaces are available.  Anyone welcome! For details please contact Tara Hawes.