What is your Legacy? 30 December 2020

What is your Legacy?

A couple of weeks ago I was teaching about the condition we call infertility and also about the choice to be childless. We talked about the fact that, with or without children, we all will leave a trace – something that proves our existence, marks our place, says we were here.  Children often do that for us, carrying not only our genetic material, but also memory, tradition, culture, story.  We, the current wave of humanity – the forefront of our ancestral line – usually create the next generation – the new wave that will carry on our message in a continuous stream. Whether for a son to carry forward the family name or a daughter who will actually birth that next wave – together, we love that next wave into being and fulfil the ancient innate desire to leave a legacy. In living our mission, there may not be room for birthing our own children. That may well be the sacred contract we agreed before we were born and became part of the great matrix of humanity as it continues to move forward.

Whether or not we can give birth to our own children, or make a choice to be childless, each of us will leave a legacy. Each of us will find a way to leave our mark.  We cannot negate our energy. We will be known. So why not take command and make an active choice as to what our legacy will be? We can birth relationships, careers, art, music, literature, businesses, philosophies, love, memories.  We can be the midwife to the birth of others’ creativity and innovation. We can love, mentor, provide, encourage. We can help heal both ourselves and others and leave behind a trail of better health. We can use our voices to help others use theirs.  We can make a stand for peace, freedom and human rights. We can discover our own unique truth and share it, thereby adding to global consciousness.

Perhaps the hardest thing is to respect what others have contracted to leave. Their choices may raise anger, irritation, disgust, create division, disharmony and cause us to despair. We have some perfect examples of this currently on the global stage. But, if we look carefully and use our wisdom, we may see a different picture.

Every anathor leaves a wave of shock, disgust or horror behind. But, ideally, this will be powerful enough to stimulate an awakening in others.  And with that, a desire to positively readjust and rebalance society can emerge. It is usually in response to such a wave of disgust and shock that great things happen – the Civil Rights movement, Black Lives Matter, the end of Apartheid, women’s rights and much more.  Sadly, it seems that often we need a sharp prompt to raise our consciousness and come to more healthy, grounded beliefs and behaviour where we engender kindness, honesty, integrity, truth and common decency. So, let’s forgive the anathor whose sacred contract is to create the chaos in which the seeds of cosmos can be sown. The true legacy of the anathor is usually seen only in hindsight, and the true gift of it benefits mainly the next generation.  So, let’s trust and be patient…

And now to you… What legacy will you leave? How would you like to be remembered? We all still have time to shape the gifts that will mark our trail and leave the world a better place than when we arrived.

Much love