What it Means to be a Spiritual Healer

Hi Everyone
The art of just being has always been so important to me and is at the essence of everything I do.  It ensures that I will be authentic, comfortable, easy, open, accepting and free, because when I know I am just being me and letting the Divine do the rest, that’s absolutely all I can do, and it will be just as the Divine intended.  I wouldn’t have been chosen as the instrument at any particular time if I couldn’t play my part as well as is needed. So, safe in that trust in the Divine that I will only be asked to do what I’m capable of, I can often attempt huge things that I have absolutely no conscious knowledge of, and it all turns out right as long as I remain in partnership with the Divine.
So am I a spiritual healer?  I often say I’m what some people would call a spiritual healer.  I am a channel for that healing energy, I know the theory and work hard on learning more in every day, and I dedicate my lief every morning and evening to this work on behalf of the Divine.  Then I add my personality and physical stamina, commitment to work and be prepared – take guidance from the Divine – and then that’s all I can do.  Just be me.
Much love to you all – you amazing people.