What little thing can you do today?


Here it’s early – 4.40 to be precise and I’m up, as usual, having my precious time before this part of the world wakes up. I love this time… quiet, still dark at this time of the year, but in summer, already serenaded by birds.  This morning there’s a feeling of being blanketed, a muffled sort of silence, this bit of Wales cuddled up and sleepy. While no doubt the foxes that I sometimes manage to catch sight of at this hour, are almost at the end of their hunting time and preparing to go home.

But that takes me to all the people around the world who don’t have a home to go to.  Who are waking up on the street or down some alleyway or a shop doorway, or in a bit of wreckage that was once their home, camped in a pile of rubble or wherever. That is, if they ever got to sleep in the first place. In Zambia, children will be waking up on the pieces of cardboard they spread out on the road still warm from yesterday’s traffic or in the storm drains where they run the risk of being downed in a flash flood during the rains. And I wonder just how much we’ve progressed as humanity that such things can still be the norm for millions of people.

There was a UN report a little while ago about how many people in UK are living from food banks, scrabbling around each day to be able to feed their children. How have we allowed that to happen? Where ‘austerity’ has spelt out starvation even in this, one of the richest countries in the world. Where women are once again often hardly eating so that their children can.  I remember my mother doing that in wartime when she would wander around looking after us and lying that she had already had her meal or that she’d have it later so that my sister and I could have what there was.  But this is not supposed to be war time!!  We should have learned better by now!! How can we be standing by as a new system apparently giving credit universally leaves many queuing at food banks, humiliated on a daily basis?

But instead of grumbling, what can I do – today?

And now, my solar plexus, my heart and every other chakra opens up in defence and defiance.

One thing is that I can use my voice!  And with respect, we need to use our voices  – all of us – to stand up for what is right and just for all of us. I can donate to the food bank.  I can show kindness to someone homeless.  All sorts of things I can do. I can smile!

So, I wonder what little thing each of us could do today to help ease the burden of the many who can hardly stand up because they’re weary or hungry or lost. Just pause for a moment and think. What little thing can you do today???

And then, please enjoy where you are, have  a great day but include in it that small something you can do to help the burden of someone else.

Much love