Balancing Peace & Power in Our Personal Lives - Rome, Sunday 02 February - All Welcome!

Rome, Italy

Sunday, 2 February, 10:00-18:00

Power and peace can not only co-exist within us, but, when perfectly balanced, actually complement each other, enabling us to fulfil our unique mission in this lifetime.  As we stand in our power with the courage to speak our truth, and, where necessary and with neither fear nor favour, use peaceful confrontation, we act wisely in line with our integrity knowing that the outcome is not ours to predict. This wonderful combination of power, peace and integrity can free us from anxiety and fear we may have carried since childhood. But this is not only good for us; it  creates a healthy model for our children, grandchildren and humanity in general, so that we can all be the best that we can be, standing

Location: YogAyur

Via Giuseppe Acerbi, 38 – Ostiense, Rome

Cost: 150€

For further details and booking, please email Michelle Wallon or via WhatsApp +349 962 3950