Brenda in Cyprus 9 October - 14 October 2013

Come tell your Story…  Listen to Others…  Experience the Healing

Whatever your wound, it has moulded your life and now it’s time to learn from it, heal it and reconnect.” Brenda has a unique, gentle and deep process to help you locate and heal it.
Brenda works on everyday issues such as family affairs, illnesses, and business challenges. With her vast knowledge of the anatomy and physilogy of the energy system, her spiritual gifts and medical training, combined with her huge capacity for love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding, Brenda helps each individual heal and integrate their trauma so that every dimension of their life can heal into a harmonious whole.  She meets you with a down to earth attitude, wisdom and a lot of humour. Come prepared to be amazed…

You can meet and experience Brenda’s healing work at informal group healing seminars in the mornings, and evenings (see schedule below) to experience her sensitivity, care and unique healing approach. You may also decide to join her for (either one or two-day) during the weekend of civil society reconciliation workshops in the Ledra Palace Buffer Zone, Nicosia buffer zone.

Further Information:
Brenda_in_Cyprus.pdf – English – Greek – Turkish – Maria Neocleous-Deutschmann interviews Brenda Davies – Brenda’s views on Reconciliation work