Changes to the Brenda Online Forum!

Hello everyone

As you see we’ve been making changes in the Forum, some cosmetic such as the colour, but more importantly we have simplified and streamlined what we offer here.

You will see we now have Open House which replaces the Introductory Forums, and there you will find Common Room – Your space for Meaningful Conversations, which replaces the General Discussions Board and most of the previous conversations have been transported here, though those that have been inactive for some time have been archived.

The other major change is that will be no charge for you to use this area, and anyone who has paid for previous fee (£20) please contact us for a refund if you wish.

We are also reorganising the school and adding a Course in Spiritual Psychotherapy what will be open to students having completed the Spiritual Development Diploma and can studied as an alternative to or in addition to the course in Spiritual Healing. More information will be available  once our deliberations are completed.

You will also find previous levels regarding the school replaced simply with the categories: Tutors, Tutors Trainees, Postgraduates (i.e., those having completed Diploma in Spiritual Healing), Spiritual Healing Students (i.e., those that are currently studying for the Spiritual Healing Diploma) and Spiritual Development Students (i.e., those currently studying for the Spiritual Development Diploma). The overall charges for all levels of the school will be a flat fee of £50.  The extra training given here on the Forum  is an invaluable addition to your formal training in class.
Tutors and Tutor Trainees have the Tutors’ Common Room, which you can use for any discussion regarding issues of the school, including clinical issues.

The Postgraduate Forum will allow those who have completed their formal training to have conversations and clinical discussion, share case histories and have supervision.

Spiritual Healing Students can ask Brenda or the tutors anything about your training. We will be willing to answer questions or supervise.

Spiritual Development Students can use their space as an adjunct to formal training as we are aware that this part of your studies can sometimes stir some turbulent emotions or memories.

Services we offer
Brenda, the tutors and postgraduates offer distant healing by request, though the permission of the recipient needs to be sought before this can take place.  Our aim is to hold confidentiality as much as possible and will usually refer to clients by first name or initials.  Please apply by private mail to Brenda or tutors.

We hope that you will have a more worthwhile and enjoyable experience here on the Forum and I look forward to welcoming you and talking with you.

With love and respect