Diploma in Spiritual Development - UK

Diploma in Spiritual Development UK

The list for those interested in joining in the current Diploma in Spiritual Development in the UK School is still open for applications.

The Diploma in Spiritual Development consists of eight residential modules, which ideally will be completed consecutively. However, we aim to give you maximum flexibility while you train, therefore you may accumulate credits for modules successfully completed and attend those you have unfortunately missed at another time. So those interested in starting from next module – The Root Chakra -, will have to catch up the missed Energy System Overview module, sometime in the future, by joining a new group anywhere in the world as soon as it is available for any missed modules in order to gain the diploma and the possibility for further training at higher levels.

The Diploma will be awarded on successful completion of all eight modules.

Each module is experiential, giving you a two day (9.00-17.30) opportunity to heal yourself, improve every aspect of your life
and gain inner poise and peace. You will also then be prepared for application for the one year Diploma in Spiritual Healing course
if that is what you desire or continue your training with the new Post Development Diploma Courses – individual modules on varied subjects aimed for those who are not interested in becoming a healer, but wants to continue working on themselves.

Sun 19 – Mon 20 May – Root Chakra Mod 2
Sun 15 – Mon 16 Sept – Sacral Chakra Mod 3
Sun 10 – Mon 11 Nov – Solar Plexus Chakra Mod 4

Courses are held in Buckinghamshire – UK
For further information please
contact me on emma.brendadavies@gmail.com