Finding and Living our Mission - ONLINE - 13/14 Nov 2020. All Welcome!

Hello everyone,

Due to high demand for this workshop early in October 2020, I decided to repeat it in November. Open to all, but with a limited number of participants to a maximum of 12.

Finding and Living our Mission – ONLINE

Friday 13 and Saturday 14 November 2020

Hosted by Brenda on Zoom

Though in our lifetime, most of us will find a vocation  – an occupation to which we feel drawn or for which we are suited, trained, or qualified – through which we can demonstrate to the world who we are by what we do.  For some, this will also have a religious or spiritual aspect. Mission, however, takes us to a higher level, being that which we were born to do and which fulfils us, enhances our lives and also the lives of others. It is our raison d’etre. It requires us to align our chakras and orchestrate them in perfect harmony and rewards us not only in satisfaction but with a deep sense of belonging.


Below are some of the comments from the participants of this workshop in October 2020:

“This workshop exceeded my expectation”

“Brenda facilitated the day with her usual warmth, love and wisdom”

“We looked at many challenging issues, there was definite growth and expansion and I came away, with a clear knowledge of my mission.  Wonderful two days!”

“This new understanding ow helps me to see things in a completely new perspective… I am very grateful for this.”

“It was a wonderful workshop! Giving me clarity about the things which give me satisfaction and joy and where I see need in the world for change to let it become a better place for all of us and how I can hopefully play my part in all of that one day.”

“It really motivated me to follow my passions.”


Please register with Tara, who will then send you a meeting invitation. Please note that, though the meeting is set for 9 hours, each day, in fact, the teaching will be for four sessions of approximately 90 minutes each day.


Much love,